Mois : décembre 2019

The B vitamins in beer help control blood levels of homocysteine:

Forget milk, say researchers… beer is nature’s perfect food!

It’s the advice of the nation’s top researchers, who have found that a beer a day can protect you from many of the most common — and deadly — health problems, including cancer, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. And that’s not all — a daily beer can also strengthen your bones and even help you lose weight.

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How you can tell if your neighbor is a time traveler!

LONDON – Most theoretical physicists now believe time travel is possible and will be achieved within the next 5,000 years – meaning your next door neighbor could be from the future and you may not even know it! « Beyond scientific theory, there is tangible evidence of human time travel, » notes one top British physicist.

« Objects known as anachronisms have been found out of their appropriate time, ranging from electric batteries dug up in ancient Greek ruins to a modern-type digital watch left behind in a Chicago hotel room in 1925. »

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